D2- Knowledge Management versus Information Management

Here is my first pass. Please help me add, revise or improve this by posting a Comment (see below).


Again, this is based on the definition of “knowledge” (see my earlier post on “A Proposed KM Framework”).

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3 Responses to “D2- Knowledge Management versus Information Management”

  1. Paul L. Tobing Says:

    Hi Apin…
    It is a good framework to differentiate KM and IM. However I quite disagree about the information focus. I think IM don’t process ANY data; there is a rough distillation process before data is stored to dataware house.
    Selamat for your valuable sharing thru your excellent blog. I am sorry my blog is still in Bahasa.

  2. apintalisayon Says:

    Hello Paul,

    Thank you for your comment. I improved the entry; I replaced it with “Actionable and non-actionable information” — which is what I really meant.


  3. Paul L. Tobing Says:

    Hi Apin you may also include some perspectives about the different role of employee in KM and IM. I think, the differentiation is significant. How about security and /or accesibility ?

    I like your blog very much, it becomes my daily breakfast.

    Selamat !

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