D8- Knowledge Push versus Knowledge Pull

Examples of enterprises/tools that “push” knowledge or information outward:

  • Libraries
  • Traditional media: TV, radio, magazines, newspapers
  • Portals
  • Knowledge centers
  • Most Internet websites
  • Databanks, knowledge repositories, knowledge banks
  • Advertisements
  • Blog posts and story telling

Examples of enterprises/tools that “pull” knowledge or information inward:

  • Enterprises that offer research assistance services
  • Customized news alerts
  • Help desks
  • Search engines, especially those that are customized or federated over a specialized set of URLs or a particular type of networks/communities of interest.
  • RSS and Atom feeds

Examples of enterprises/tools that enable matching/connection between users and suppliers of knowledge/information:

  • e-Commerce networks, clearinghouses
  • Enterprises that enable trading, e.g. eBay
  • Professional networks with query-answer functionalities e.g. Solutions Exchange, LinkedIn
  • Directories
  • Knowledge repositories set up and used by specialized interest or academic groups
  • Taxonomies and CMS functionalities such as tags, keywords and categories

Note that solely “knowledge push” approaches are knowledge owner/supplier driven and tend to be expensive (see previous post on “D7- Supply-driven KM versus Demand-driven KM”). “Knowledge pull” approaches are user-driven and generally more cost-effective because the effort expended by the knowledge supplier is only that which is needed to fulfill each user’s specific needs.

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2 Responses to “D8- Knowledge Push versus Knowledge Pull”

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