D12- Relationship Capital versus Stakeholder Capital versus Customer Capital

Why do corporations spend money on team building exercises year after year? Why is teamwork part of the values adopted by many corporations? The answer, using KM language, is that they want to build internal social capital which they know enhances productivity. Silo thinking and worse, factionalism, impair organizational performance.

Therefore, the third category of intellectual capital, commonly refered to as stakeholder capital (or what Sveiby calls “external structure” in his Intangible Assets Monitor and what Edvinsson calls “customer capital” in his Scandia Framework), must be expanded to include internal relationships within the organization.

The expanded third category is called “Relationship Capital”. Customer capital is only a part of stakeholder capital which is a part of relationship capital:


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2 Responses to “D12- Relationship Capital versus Stakeholder Capital versus Customer Capital”

  1. Paul L. Tobing Says:

    Sandra E. Thomas in her proceeding in IC Conggress in Holland (2007), proposed some new (for me) terms in in describing IC such as location capital, innovation capital and supplier capital (your term networks of supplier).

  2. apintalisayon Says:

    Paul, please email me a copy of Sandra E. Thomas’ paper. Thanks!

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