D16- Best Practice versus Next Practice

The KM tool of transfer of best practice is NOT the best! Why?

Transfer of best practice means –

  • You are improving your productivity BUT
  • You are merely copying from the benchmark setters;
  • You are always catching up;
  • You are looking at what had already happened (backward-looking);
  • You are competing with others who are also seeking the same best practice.

Innovating NEXT practice means –

  • You are THE benchmark setter;
  • You are setting new standards or new market niches;
  • You are forward-looking;
  • You are ahead of the pack and others are copying from you;
  • Your revenues will grow earlier and/or faster than the others.

According to Jesper Kunde, author of “Corporate Religion: Building a Strong Company through Personality and Corporate Soul”, “Companies have defined so much ‘best practice’ that they are now more or less identical”

Management guru Peter Drucker said that “…the major task in society and especially in the economy… [is] doing something different rather than doing better what is already being done.”

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