Selecting a Cost-Effective KM Project (Practical KM Hint #4)

In actual KM practice, I apply the principle discussed in Q3 (“The Customer is King”; But the King is Blind!?) in KM audits and in selecting a cost-effective KM project for an organization.

  • I apply “High-Octane KM”© (see “F6- “High-Octane KM” is Demand-Driven KM”)
  • I ask managers what are their “high gain” and “high pain” areas and examine how KM can address them.
  • I ask knowledge workers (the users of knowledge) what knowledge and information they need most often for doing their job. This and similar questions are essential when an organization is starting an intranet because they need to place priority content and priority functionalities “within two clicks away” in their intranet.
  • I help executives identify generator knowledge assets for their core business process as well as critical knowledge assets for managing risks.
  • I suggest to managers that the best way to improve their business process and its knowledge inputs is to get feedback from their internal and/or external customers.
  • I look for ways to strengthen the feedback from marketing staff to product development staff. For example, customer complaints contain knowledge useful for product or process improvement. The best set-up is where the product development or R&D unit is directly under the VP for Marketing.


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