Practical KM Hints (#6)

Deliberate or conscious paradigm shifting (see Q8- Wanted: Workable Tools for Voluntary Paradigm Shifting”) is a KM skill. Here are some examples where this KM skill comes in:

  • Conscious paradigm shifting can be an outcome in generative dialogue (see “D19- Debate versus Discussion versus Dialogue”). Practical Hints for Learning Facilitators (#3) lists some guidelines for facilitators to help workshop participants reach the Stage 4 of generative dialogue.
  • When company executives are revising their business model or innovating new business models, they are actually changing their fundamental business assumptions — another example of conscious paradigm shifting. I gave an actual example in my presentation to the 10th Asia Pacific KM Conference in Hong Kong last December 2008 (see Slides 42-44 in “Service Innovation: some Philippine Trends and Experiences”). Green Spot Strategic Planning© is an example of strategic KM (see “D9- Strategic KM versus Operational KM”)
  • Conscious paradigm shifting requires one to “get out of one’s mental box” which depends on the skill of discovering one’s hidden assumptions. This is the same as the ability to work on/with your mental models, one of the five disciplines of a learning organization according to Peter Senge. CCLFI uses a simple group workshop exercise called “Get the Guava!” to help people do the latter. If you are interested in this exercise for non-commercial purposes, email me and I will send you a copy.
  • It is likely that you yourself have experienced a personal paradigm shift, but you did not label it as such. CCLFI has group workshop exercises such as “My Peak Life Experience” to identify, recover and study these important episodes in one’s learning journey through life.

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