Q10- “Power of the Third Kind” for Political Conflicts?

KM is about effective work performance. How do we extend the limits of human performance? Is it through technology? or knowledge management? or perhaps something else?

Let us look at an interesting case: a training program for “ultimate warriors” for the U.S. Army Special Forces.

Designed by Dr. Joel and Michelle Levey, the Ultimate Warrior Training Program was designed to achieve peak levels of performance and teamwork under extreme conditions of danger and distress. According to Dr. Levey, the goal of the program is for the elite soldiers to be able to “recognize, understand, and influence/control their internal mental, emotional and physiological experience, and that they could strengthen the mindful clarity they’d need to choose a wiser path of action even under conditions of extreme stress.”

Their means to overcome or stretch personal limitations were a combination of outward Western technology and inward Eastern behavioral tools:

  • Equipment for multiple-synchrony brainwave feedback, for learning how to move to a state of deep attunement among team members;
  • Improvement of the quality of communications;
  • Finding an inner state of calm intensity in which they can focus their mind for self healing or remain calm and alert for long periods of time;
  • Control that follows from awareness;
  • The power of mindfulness at work;
  • Aikido, for cultivating a greater sensitivity to inner energy flow and for transforming the energy of inner and outer conflict.

We are seeing new formulas for training warriors to attain the Power of the Third Kind (see previous blog on “Q9- An Exercise in Team Learning: Some/the(?) Root Causes of September 11”)

Listen to Lao-tse:

An unintended benefit of Dr. Levey’s innovation was enhanced quality of communication and relationship with their families. Wives and children reported that their husband or father openly shared their feelings and fears, and seemed more in control of their emotions.

Post-program gains over some pre-program conditions were:

      Ability to manage stress: 92%
      Clarity with regards to personal values: 83%
      Access to extraordinary states of awareness: 82%
      Access to extraordinary perceptual abilities: 201%
      Ability to learn and integrate new ideas: 109%
      Sense of bonding with team: 30%
      Ability to blend effectively with team: 43%
      Ability to extend sensory awareness: 72%

Perhaps it is time to think the unthinkable, the ultimate in personal mastery and work performance among corporate executives and employees: corporate warriors! And how about ultimate leaders — leaders who win without fighting wars?

Lao-tse again:

Would that Israelis and Palestinians and their leaders discover and listen to Lao-tse.

What do you think?


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