Practice #10: Sensing the Emergent

My next three blog posts Q14 to Q16 will be about sensing the emergent. Innovators and leading-edge entrepreneurs in Google,, Facebook, etc. have this skill.

Let us practice this skill by asking a simple question: Where is the global financial crisis possibly taking us? There are many possible answers. This practice is about coming up with many plausible answers.

Let me start. I am adding a question mark after each to indicate that we are only making guesses — intelligent guesses maybe, but guesses nevertheless.

    Worldwide heightening of the sense that we are interdependent?
    End of America as an economic superpower?
    Opportunity for more Americans to feel how it is to be poor?
    Raising further the bar of corporate social responsibility?
    More bridles on the horse called “financial derivatives and innovations”?
    The rise of BRIC nations? (Brazil, Russia, India and China)
    New and more effective global governance systems?

What else do you sense?

You can get more practical by applying the skill on yourself or on your life.

  • Make a list of recent events, issues and surprises in your life.
  • Include books, news or magazine articles, conversations and statements in TV that attracted your attention recently.
  • Did you meet new people or old friends after many years, lose friends or loved ones, or experience “closing doors” or “opening doors” of opportunity such as offers?
  • What new ideas, options, aspirations, changes or plans are a-borning in your mind? List anything external or internal to you that seems significant to you.
  • Study your list. Try “connecting the dots” or better, “connecting the movements” in your life.

What seems to be emerging in your life?

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