Your Peak Life Experiences (Hint #13)

Let’s recall your most fulfilling life moments and try to learn from them.

Go to a quiet place or wherever you go or do when you wish to be relaxed and quiet. Look back at the ups and downs in your life. Those ups and downs, or those peaks and valleys, have lessons or gifts for you. All you have to do is find them. This time you look at the peaks. Recall a few of the peaks. In each of these most fulfilling moments, recall what happened. What were you doing? being? feeling? What gifts or lessons did you get? What were the outcomes?

Write down your answers for each of the most fulfilling moments in your life before reading further.


From the previous blog post (Q15- Senge’s Journey: from Learning to Presencing?) we saw that for most people, life’s most fulfilling moments are often those times when they are engaged in creative activities. Most people have experienced these happy moments, but they are often unaware that what they went through is a creative process. The result is not always a new physical product like a new culinary dish, essay, DIY cabinet or painting; it can be many other things: a new you, a new relationship, a new idea, a new baby, a new role, a new stage in life, a new enterprise or undertaking, a new breakthrough or solution, a new fruition, a new energy or ambition, a new achievement, a new development in your growing child, a new learning by your student, a new self-image, a new surrounding, etc.

What gifts did you receive from your most fulfilling or peak life moments? What do your peak experiences tell you about what you are most happy creating? Do you think you can repeat them?

Give this exercise a try.

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