Towards Optimum Personal Productivity: Your Peak Work Experiences (Hint #14)

Are you unhappy in your job? Was it many months or years ago when you last felt enthused and inspired in your work? Are you thinking of changing jobs? If you answered “yes” you need to step back and take a serious look at where you are and where you want to go next.

Your peak work experiences can tell you many insights about yourself. These are “moments of best fit” between your personal preferences, interests and styles on the one hand, and your organization’s goals, work demands and work procedures on the other hand.

Review all your work experiences since you started working. Select a few experiences when you felt most fulfilled — your peak work experiences. Study each of them. Why did you feel fulfilled? What happened during those few instances that do not usually happen? What factors and conditions both within and outside yourself contributed to your feeling of fulfillment?

These are the factors and conditions that bring out the best in you. If you can recreate them your work will cease to be a chore or a burden; it will be something you will enjoy and want to do. The result will be a more productive you. You will become a happier person.

Try this exercise.

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