Gaia Consciousness

This picture of our blue home planet Earth, taken by the Apollo 17 crew on December 7, 1972, is consciousness-raising. It helps us look at ourselves from the perspective of one planet. This amazing photograph provides a visible referent for the concept of “Planet Earth”. It “takes us out of ourselves” — a global consciousness of common or collective predicaments and tasks, and a common fate. Many people are beginning to recognize the strategic value of a “Gaia consciousness” for the common welfare and survival of all inhabitants of Planet Earth.


Photo courtesy of NASA Johnson Space Center

If we apply the expanded KM framework in Q17 (“Losses in Community Assets: the Mother is Suckling from the Baby!”) from the community level to the national and planetary levels, we get the following breakdown of metacapitals:

Expanded KM framework at the planetary level

Expanded KM framework at the planetary level

Gaia consciousness is a key metacapital in the lower left quadrant. It is the planetary level counterpart to “sense of nationhood” and “sense of community” at the lower national and community levels.

Do you agree?

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