T1-3 Private Corporations: Supporting Desired Customer Actions

This is a sequel of the previous blog (“Development Organizations: Supporting Desired Stakeholder Actions”).

Advertisers are skillful in answering the question: “What message, and how shall it be delivered, so that it enables desired customer actions?” The answers depend on what normally drives the customer’s actions: her values/interests and her problems/needs.

information to trigger desired customer action

Observe how concisely Starbucks delivers a message that appeals to social responsibility — a value that more and more customers are expecting from companies they buy from:

“Responsibly grown.
Ethically traded.
Proudly served.”

“Let’s drink to
a better future for
coffee farmers.”

Going back to the topic of the previous blog, if you belong to a development or non-profit organization, what concise message can you deliver to enable, support or trigger stakeholder actions that you mutually desire?

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