T5-4 Convince Managers of Benefits of KM

Organization M (a real organization) is a network consisting of 15 related professional organizations. The President of Organization M, upon the recommendation of a Board member who understood the value of KM, decided to launch a KM initiative. Organization M functions through (a) a small secretariat of less than 15 staff members, (b) about two dozen technical committees, and (c) several geographically-distributed chapters.

The KM initiative was launched with three KM briefings for: the Board, the secretariat staff and the chairmen of committees and chapters.

Committees and chapters are composed of volunteer professional members who donate their services despite their busy work schedules. Committees have specific technical tasks, such as planning and executing conventions and forums, accreditation, professional journal, awards, professional ethics, etc. Chapters’ work revolves around providing continuing professional education and training for Organization M’s thousands of members.

Committee and chapter chairpersons perform management roles. A well-designed KM initiative can definitely help the work of committees and chapters, but the challenge is to convince committee and chapter chairpersons that KM would be beneficial to their work. When the third KM briefing was scheduled, few chairpersons signed up. They were either too busy or did not appreciate the value of investing their time for KM. To encourage more chairpersons to sign up, we sent the one-page “Invitation to a Conversation about KM” below.


Organization M has engaged a KM consultant to assess secretariat staff, committees’ and chapters’ work processes, and to recommend appropriate KM tools or solutions.

KM can help your Committee or Chapter work in many possible ways:

  • Speed up your work process
  • Shorten duration of meetings or reduce frequency of meetings
  • Enable and facilitate meetings among members who are geographically separated
  • Conveniently monitor activities among committee members
  • Quickly locate needed information
  • Respond to members’ needs more effectively
  • Find out quickly who is most likely to know the solution to a specific question
  • Identify ICT (information and communication technologies) skills gaps among members and missing ICT tools that are holding back the efficiency of your committee work
  • Most pressing information and knowledge gaps that needs to be addressed first
  • Determine which of the above (and other KM issues) should be addressed first.

Our KM consultant would like to invite interested Committee and Chapter Chairs for a “Conversation about KM” so that your Committee/Chapter can avail of the above assistance. One hour invested in this Conversation could be worthwhile for your Committee/Chapter work, and you may also get useful KM tips for enhancing efficiency and effectiveness of your personal professional work.

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