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Welcome from one learner to another!



This weblog aims to shorten learning curves of KM (knowlege management) learners, and to contribute my share in growing this new discipline.

I have spent more than a decade figuring out the intricacies of “knowledge management” while staying grounded by practicing it in our organization CCLFI and through our KM consulting services. I have been teaching KM as a graduate course in the University of the Philippines for 11 years now. 

Each blog entry is the distillation of months and years of tough learning on my part. What I gained over a longer time, you can gain from my weblogs in 15 minutes. As another learner, I am sure you know many things that I don’t; so please share your comments, questions or criticisms. Good deal? Let’s go!

What interests me: New ideas that work, travelling, networking, meeting new and old friends
What excites me: Helping others discover their blindfolds, playing with Elias my grandson:

What weighs me down: Political, religious, ethnic and environmental problems in our Planet Earth
My pet peeve: hidden mental boxes that imprison its unwitting owner’s thinking, seeing and feeling
What occupies my time: Writing, KM consulting, nurturing CCLFI like it is one of my children, innovating new KM tools
My current KM consulting engagements (June 2011): Asian Productivity Organization (Tokyo), Department of Health, Development Academy of the Philippines, National Security Council Secretariat
My continuing challenge: managing egos: others’ egos and especially my own ego
What calms me down: watching a panoramic scenic view from a high place
My dream: grow a new KM discipline (it may not be called “knowledge management”)
My favorite morning routine: drinking coffee while quietly admiring the mango tree in front of my house and enjoying its occasional bird visitors.
What I like most –
Music by: Yanni, Abba, John Denver, Enya, Kitaro, Loreena McKennitt, Vangelis, John Williams, Secret Garden
Movies: Last Samurai, The Notebook, Choclat, Hidalgo, Mama Mia!, The Presidio, Avatar
Songs: My Heart Will Go On (Celine Dion), Learn to be Lonely (Minnie Driver), Colors of the Wind (Vanessa Williams), Imagine (John Lennon), Don’t Cry for Me Argentina (Tina Arena)
Cities: Vancouver (Canada), Luang Prabang (Laos), Bellagio (Italy)
Sights: Lago di Como from Villa Serbelloni hilltop, Grand Canyon from a helicopter, Petronas Towers’ lights at night, Hong Kong Harbour from the lobby lounge of Hotel Intercon, Taal Volcano and Taal Lake from Tagaytay Ridge, Pacific Ocean viewed from Route 1 along the California coast, snow-capped mountains around Jasper in the Canadian Rockies
Authors: Ken Wilber, Neale Donald Walsch, Khalil Gibran, Krishnamurti, Eckhart Tolle.

More about me? Please check my profile at LinkedIn, at CCLFI or at Facebook. Cheers!

Download my CV or resume by clicking HERE.

My contact information:
Emails: serafin.talisayon@cclfi.org OR serafintalisayon@gmail.com
Telephone: +632.4306235
Mobile phone: +63.920.908.0329
Skype: serafin.talisayon

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9 Responses to “About Me”

  1. John James O'Brien Says:

    Serafin (do you prefer Apin?), I am so glad that we, Robert Tornack and I, have connected with you. There are such synergies!

    I do hope that we can find some way to come together, in the meantime, isn’t it a marvelous time that we live in, able to develop understanding and even a kind of familiarity that leads to more effective dialogue?

    Best regards,

  2. apintalisayon Says:

    John, it is “Apin” my friends use so you can use it too. BTW thanks for accepting my invitation to connect via Facebook too. And regards to Robert: we have had several email exchanges and almost met in Hong Kong. Yes, on the meantime this fantastic technology enables many to connect in so many different and satisfying ways!

  3. Joris g. Claeys Says:

    Dear Apin,

    If only I had more time … I congratulate you with bringing KM to the forefront, sharing your knowledge and experience in a way that is comprehendable by many.

    Thanks for sharing this life time work. I admire your thoroughness and thoughtfullness, we can only learn from these experiences and wherever we can bring to practice.

    Keep up this initiative and stay in touch.

    Have an ACCELERATing day

    Best regards
    Joris Claeys
    Managing Director
    Total Value Chain Solutions
    Business, Industry & Market Coaching

  4. apintalisayon Says:

    Dear Joris

    …heartwarming, simply heartwarming!


  5. Shamwow Reviews Says:

    Hey, This website is great! Keep up the good posts. I just bookmarked it

  6. Edy Purwaka Says:

    Dear Sir,

    I would like to learn more on how Knowledge Management can be applied in civil society organization.

  7. apintalisayon Says:

    Hi Edy, since we were able to meet face-to-face and discuss your question after you had posted this comment, I am giving my response by direct email to you. Cheers!

  8. apintalisayon Says:

    Thanks Sallie.

  9. Owen Gue Says:

    I find KM to be an “Intelligent Tool” if I want to venture into the field of consultancy someday, it bent my philosophy and approach, learning and unlearning facts as it unfolds and it is just the beginning, since I am still a learner and not yet a practitioner…

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