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Feel free to contact me:

Tel/fax: +632.4306235
Mobile phone: +63.920.908.0329
Skype: serafin.talisayon

Snail mail:

    Dr. Serafin D. Talisayon
    18-20 Adelfa Street, Mapayapa Village II
    Diliman, Quezon City, Metro Manila 1127


    Prof. Serafin D. Talisayon
    Technology Management Center
    University of the Philippines
    Diliman, Quezon City, Metro Manila 1101

Dr. Serafin D. Talisayon

Dr. Serafin D. Talisayon

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10 Responses to “Contact Me”

  1. Peter West Says:

    Dr. Talisayon,

    Wonderful blog.

    It would be great to see you on Twitter.

    There is a growing community of KMers on Twitter –

    Peter West

  2. apintalisayon Says:

    Good idea Peter, but perhaps I need to focus my attention first on the next book I am writing. Then I can join you guys on Twitter!

  3. gener luis morada Says:

    Dear Dr. Talisayon

    likewise i agree with Mr. West that you truly have a very informative blog.

    i see that you have mentioned the conflict in Gaza, I would like to share with you or the Global Hosted Operating System a start up company in Israel that is offering a web based desktop for free by merely registering at our website ( is an example on how technology could be used to attain world peace for it is a product of Isreaeli and Palestinian collaboration ( , )

    thank you very much for a very informative blog

    gener luis morada
    country representative Philippines

  4. apintalisayon Says:

    Thanks for the compliments Gener!

    I will mention about this exemplar cooperation between Israelis and Palestinians in my blog post Q21 – of course with due acknowledgement from you.

  5. Kate Sirithienthong Says:

    I am doing a paper on KM in the SME are and was wondering if you have any recommendation on which database i should be looking at to find a case studies on small and medium businesses in Asia?

    thank you


  6. apintalisayon Says:

    Hi Kate,

    Offhand, here are three links you can start with:

    MicroLINKS run by USAID for microenterprises:

    IFAD’s rural poverty knowledgebase:

    Development Gateway’s microfinance page:

  7. Matthew Kalman Says:

    I might be missing something here but I can’t find an RSS feed from this great-looking blog, nor is there even a Twitter profile to follow, so that I don’t lose track of the blog.

    You don’t even have to tweet yet, but at least people could follow you, for when your book is done.

    it only take a few seconds to get a profile up.



  8. apintalisayon Says:

    Hi Matthew,

    At the very bottom of every WordPress page you will see “Entries (RSS).” Just click on it.

    Or look for the RSS icon (which should light up in orange color) either in Firefox or Explorer (or press Ctrl-J in Explorer).


  9. Jo De Guia Says:

    Hi Dr. Talisayon,

    This blog is a great resource linking to your KM resources. I’m currently doing KM work in an international development organisation as a KM Officer and would like ask your expertise/recommendations in formulating our KM strategy.
    Our project is related to the road rehab and maintenance with bilateral cooperation with foreign fundiing institution,government agencies and lgu’s.

    I hope I join KMAP’s advocacy for KM appreciation in this age of knowledge explotion through the use of the world wide web and the Internet.

  10. apintalisayon Says:

    Hi Jo, thank you for the interest. I will respond to you shortly by direct email.
    Apin Talisayon

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