KM Framework (F Series)

This is the table of contents to the KM FRAMEWORK or F SERIES of my blogposts. The KM (knowledge management) framework also provides the basis for monitoring and evaluation (M&E) of KM and its impacts. This series of blogposts is best understood if read in the right sequence (just click the topic you want to go to):

F1- KM is not enough
F2- Intangibles: more essential for value creation
F3- KM is for value creation
F4- Unconscious KM and conscious KM
F5- A proposed KM framework
F6- “High-octane KM” is demand-driven KM
F7- Interactivity and context
F8- Valuation of intangible assets
F9- Economics of (unconscious) learning
F10- Ensuring ROI of training
F11- Cost of ignorance
F12- Relationships do create value
F13- KM is for value creation: WHOSE value?
F14- Monitoring & evaluation of KM for development
F15- Our development concepts may be THE problem

A consolidated version of this series adapted to M&E (monitoring & evaluation) of KM for development will be published in early 2009 by IKM Emergent Research Programme and EADI (European Association of Development Research and Training Institutes).

[© Quotations with acknowledgements or references/links to this blog are encouraged but copying and republishing without acknowledging this source is illegal. See Copyright Notice at right panel.]

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