Q Series: Al Qaeda also Uses KM

This is the table of contents to the Q SERIES or AL QAEDA ALSO USES KM. The blogposts are best understood if read after the F and D Series. While pressing “Ctrl”, click on the topic you want; a tab will be created showing the webpage of the topic.

Introduction to the Q Series
Q1- What is KM for?
Q2- KM is for creating value; whose value?
Q3- “The customer is king”; but the king is blind!?
– Practical KM hints (#4)
Q4- How Toyota beat(?) GM in sensing customer needs
Q5- Market value and/or(?) development value
Q6- KM for development: a triple(?) bottom line
Q7- We found the enemy: our own concepts!?
– Another practical KM application (#5)
Q8- Wanted: workable tools for conscious paradigm shifting
– Practical KM hints (#6)
Q9- An exercise in team learning: some/the(?) root causes of September 11
Q10- “Power of the Third Kind” for political conflicts?
Q11- Social capital: peace creation = value creation?
– New KM e-book
Q12- Clash of civilizations or dialogue among civilizations?
– Generative dialogue: let’s get practical (#7)
– Practical hint #8: Watch a Sacha Baron Cohen movie!
Q13- Learning = KM + “Power of the Third Kind”?
– Practical KM Hint #9: Post-Project Knowledge Capture
– Practice #10: Sensing the emergent
Q14- Naming trans-societal Megatrend #1: “towards yin”?
– Practice internal watchfulness (Hint #11)
– Practice internal double-loop learning (Hint #12)
Q15- Senge’s journey: from learning to presencing?
– Your peak life experiences (Hint #13)
– Your peak work experiences (Hint #14)
– Limits of the possible
Q16- Seeing world problems: building(?) on Gregory Bateson
– Practical exercise #15: Ingredients of effective group action
– Practical hint #16: Knowledge transfer from senior retiring staff
Q17- Losses in community assets: the mother is suckling(?) from the baby!
– Metacapital
Q18- Negative(?) metacapital #1: corruption
– The movie Groundhog Day
– Gaia consciousness
– Tacit-group processes in KM
Q19- Negative(?) metacapital #2: the threat of a nuclear war
Q20- Israel versus Hamas and Hezbollah: lessons(?) in relationship capital
– Building Israeli-Palestinian relationship capital
– Practical hint #17: Tools for managing relationship capital
Q21- Rediscovering a core(?) of human capital: “sophia”
– For complex development problems: We need bridging leaders
– A value driver behind relationship capital
Q22- $7 trillion: cost to Americans of disinvestment in trust?
– War: consequence of negative relationship capital
– Towards a global balance sheet
– Refining estimation of global stock of knowledge assets
– It’s the knowledge economy, stupid!
– From corporate disregard to corporate embrace of stakeholder capital to socially-embedded corporations
Q23- Know-how (= knowledge) without “willing-to”
– A success factor in KM: motivating knowledge workers
– Cutting the (complex) Gordian Knot
– 12 Types of learning
– Practical KM hint #18: Mindmapping our learning processes
Q24- KM and power: constant(?) bed fellows
– More power to glocals!
– Practical Hint #20: Consider the power dimension in KM
Q25- Robin Hood versus the Sheriff of Nottingham
– Value-creating and value-destroying social innovations
– KM practice #19: Techniques in knowledge innovation (or: You experience how Da Vinci thinks)
Q26- Information: another force for democratization (trans-societal Megatrend #2?)
– KM and trans-societal megatrend #1
– Four types of memory
– Knowledge pathways in a learning organization (#21)
– Knowledge pathways: 3 case studies (Practical Hint #22)
– Appreciating Nonaka’s SECI model (#23)
Q27- Combining Megatrends #1 and #2: the next societal innovations?
– Evolving forms of governance
– A paradox in 20th century scientific practice
– Left-brainers and Nonaka’s “ba”
– Emerging indigo practices
Q28- Recap of KM virtues and gaps, or will KM disappear?

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