Success Factors in KM

From my consulting experience and past/current KM projects at CCLFI.Philippines, having many of the following factors increases the likelihood of success and sustainability of a KM initiative:

  1. Executive sponsorship: The top boss or top bosses understand, appreciate and show visible personal support of the KM initiative.
  2. Internal KM champion: There is at least one upper-level manager or executive who is pushing for KM within the organization.
  3. Cross-functional KM team: A group of middle to upper-level managers from different functional units is formally designated as the “KM Team”. The initial activities of the KM Team are: study KM further, formulate an organization-wide KM strategy and program or select and plan a more limited KM project, and promote KM across the organization.
  4. Concrete benefits from a KM project: An “early win” or “low-lying fruit” yields measurable or visible results of KM (that can help convince some “fence sitters” and doubters) such as higher productivity, faster learning curve, less mistakes, faster work cycles, higher quality of output, etc.
  5. Budgetary commitment: Once there is a KM program or project plan, top executives commit budgetary resources for it.
  6. Communication: There is a continuing mechanism whereby KM — what it is and what its benefits are — is communicated across the organization.
  7. Incentive system: Desirable KM behaviors are identified and acknowledged and/or rewarded, such as through an award, inclusion in the periodic performance evaluation system, conferring of special roles with honorific titles, etc.

More related information can be obtained from the Change Management area of the CCLFI website (click HERE).

Check also my blog post “A Success Factor in KM: Motivating Knowledge Workers.”

If you noted other success factors from your KM experience, our blog readers will certainly appreciate if you contribute them. Please use the Reply box below.

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