Useful Distinctions in KM (D Series)

This is the table of contents to the USEFUL DISTINCTIONS IN KM or D SERIES of my blogposts. The blogposts are best understood if read after the F Series. Just click on the topic you want to go to:

D1- Knowledge versus information
D2- KM versus information management
D3- Tacit knowledge versus explicit knowledge
D4- Converting tacit to explicit knowledge and vice-versa
D5- Vertical learning versus horizontal learning
D6- IT track versus people track
D7- Supply-driven versus demand-driven KM
D8- Knowledge push versus knowledge pull
D9- Strategic KM versus operational KM
D10- KM tools: qualitative to quantitative
D11- Tangible versus intangible assets
– Practical hint #1
D12- Relationship capital versus stakeholder capital versus customer capital
D13- Bridging social capital versus bonding social capital
D14- Innovation versus invention
D15- Knowledge culture versus knowledge capture
D16- Best practice versus next practice
– Practical Hint #2
– Let us celebrate this day – how?
– The future of innovation
D17- Single-loop learning versus double-loop learning
D18- Teaching versus facilitating learning
– Wordle: word clouds of this blogsite
D19- Debate versus discussion versus dialogue
– Practical hints for learning facilitators (#3)
D20- IQ (head) versus EQ (heart) in KM
D21- Training versus learning-in-action

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